Social Media Freelance Jobs That You Can Work From Home

Social Media Management is not a new job, it’s been in existence for many years now. More and more businesses are hiring social media managers to handle their social media accounts. Literally, the job is to mess around with these applications and make money. It is simpler than it looks and almost everyone today uses these social apps. Many students, homemakers, employees and business owners are already working part time on these freelancing jobs and making enough money.

There are so many businesses that are always looking for freelancers for social media marketing and management. These jobs are work from jobs but the only condition is that you need a smartphone or tablet to do the work.

Most of the jobs are simple like commenting on Facebook, posting on Twitter, handling Instagram accounts, Youtube posting, etc. They do require time like 2-3 hours of work daily. Payouts are great and you can apply for these jobs directly.

There are hundreds of businesses on the job portal that urgently need candidates for running their social accounts like Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter. Read our blog article about social media jobs that freelancers can take to make easy money. You need to follow these steps before you can get your first paycheck:

  1. Get a device, be it a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC. It doesn’t matter what you use but it should be able to run social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube.
  2. Access the training program that will guide you to perform social media freelance jobs. These take a few hours ad you can watch these at your own convenience. After completion of training, you can generate certificate.
  3. You can apply for jobs on the same membership portal. Social media jobs usually involve uploading pictures and videos, managing groups, and replying to comments.  

How much Social Media Freelance Jobs pays?

Social media freelancers start off earning $10 – 20$ per hour and can earn more when they get experienced. Many members do reach full-time income levels once they get tons of social media accounts to handle.

Actual earnings all depend on how proficient you are and how much you enjoy taking up these jobs.

Skills you need to apply for Social Media Freelance Jobs

Social Media Handler Job is not difficult and does not require any other typical skill. If you know how to use social media like uploading images, doing comments, replying to DMs, and posting tweets, you are good to go.

Even if you lack these skills, there is a certificate training course inside the freelance jobs portal which you help you train in just a few hours.

Since the work is online-based, you must have a steady internet connection to take and deliver jobs on time. 

To become a Social Media Manager, you need to fulfill the below-mentioned criteria:

  1. Must have experience of using Facebook, Twitter, or other social networking sites.
  2. Able to work from home remotely
  3. Have reliable stable internet connection
  4. Must be confident so that businesses can rely on you.

If you meet the above conditions, then you are eligible to apply for these jobs. No other skills or experience required whatsover.

What you get inside the platform?

Social Media Freelance Jobs Portal contains certificate social media training program and Social Media Freelance Jobs Database. Freelancers can search for social media management jobs right after watching the training. Visit Social Media Freelance Job Offers to get an idea about how job requirements look like.

You can keep 100% of your earnings from social media freelance jobs. The program will not have any share or commission from your earnings. But there is a one time subscription fees of 37$ only to cover the delivery of training program and to keep the site running. World class one on one support is included with the membership if you ever get struck.


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I was LAID OFF in the middle of this crysis and then my friend recommended me this site to search for social media freelance jobs. I am so grateful, now I make full time money doing easy tasks from my phone.
Heather M Mundy
Single Mother
Social Media Freelance Jobs are totally worth it. I found many jobs and made some money working part time. The training gives a great push. Good stuff!
Michael D Tow
Short of words to thank Annie Jones for bringing this. It was much needed as socail media is booming. And there is no better platform than this that connects social media freelancers and businesses/Influencers. Got my training certificate just now and will start working tonight!
Julie A Means